The web became a sexists

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The web became a sexists - Freechatsxeon line

“If machine-learning technologies used for, say, résumé screening were to imbibe cultural stereotypes, it may result in prejudiced outcomes.” The researchers said the AI was not to blame for such “problematic” effects.

Female names were also strongly associated with artistic terms, while male names were found to be closer to maths and science ones.Just as Russia woke up with oil oligarchs spreading like mushrooms after a night’s heavy rain, so we woke up with new titans of the tech industry throwing their billionaire weight around.The Internet turns out to be a superb mechanism for consolidating money and power and control, even as it gives toys and minor voices to the rest of us.“Donald Trump is the only hope we’ve got.” In a paper about the new study in the journal , the researchers wrote: “Our work has implications for AI and machine learning because of the concern that these technologies may perpetuate cultural stereotypes.“Our findings suggest that if we build an intelligent system that learns enough about the properties of language to be able to understand and produce it, in the process it will also acquire historical cultural associations, some of which can be objectionable.“Already, popular online translation systems incorporate some of the biases we study.

Further concerns may arise as AI is given agency in our society.

It turned into a racist, pro-Hitler troll with a penchant for bizarre conspiracy theories in just 24 hours.

“[George W] Bush did 9/11 and Hitler would have done a better job than the monkey we have now,” it wrote.

So the AI would still “hear” racism and sexism, but would have a moral code that would prevent it from expressing these same sentiments. The European Union has passed laws to ensure the terms of AI filters are made public.

For Professor Bryson, the key finding of the research was not so much about AI but humans.

“I think the most important thing here is we have understood more about how we are transmitting information, where words come from and one of the ways in which implicit biases are affecting us all,” she said.

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