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Make sure the joints are completely full of grout and that all excess is removed from the mosaic. Use a damp sponge and clean water to remove the grout residue (start where the grout was first applied and follow the same pattern around the room).

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Next, lay two sheets of glass mosaic tile on the counter.Remember, you will start from left to right the majority of the time.Clear the countertops to ensure there's enough space to move around during installation.Measure to figure out the proper size to cut the mosaic in order to fit between the counter and the cabinet.Cut the tile (Image 2) and test the fit without peeling the backing off.To install the liners, peel the protective film from the back and stick the liner onto the wall, just like the mosaics.

If the linear measurement is not a whole number, such as 9-3/4" or 11-1/2", the multi-sized liners should be used and there are two options to choose from: 1.Once satisfied with how the grout joints are lined up, use the grout float to apply even more pressure to assure proper adhesion to the wall (Image 4). Cut the corner of the grout bag and evenly squeeze some grout onto the float (Image 1).Tip: For uneven walls, make adjustments to line up the grout joints better using this technique: Use a utility knife to cut the peel and stick backing in between the grout joints of the individual row you wish to adjust. Apply the grout to the mosaic in a diagonal pattern in an upward motion with the float held at a 45-degree angle (Image 2). Next, push grout into the joints in the opposite direction, applying more pressure using a squeegee-like motion (Image 3).Repeat, wiping the entire tile surface as needed until completely clean.Grout dries at different rates based on humidity and temperature.Most Tech companies charge up to just to offer support.

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