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Now following a flurry of complaints, governments are urging the country to do more to protect the safety of the record numbers of foreigners visiting Thailand.Drink spiking in bars can be a problem and sometimes people wake up to find they have been robbed.

Visitors are warned to beware of strip clubs offering ping-pong shows where two beers can sometimes cost 0. They were on motorbikes and stopped by people with hatchets and screwdrivers and makeshift weapons, said Brown, who recommends people read their government's travel advice before visiting.Please be advised Donald Mc Killop, 1107-3470, Simpson Street, Mtl, Qc, H3G 2J5, died on October 10th, 2017.For parties interested in the inventory kindly contact BMO Trust Company 4600-1250, R.-Lévesque W., Mtl, Qc., H3B 4W8 or (514) 877-8248. An inventory of the Deceased's property can be consulted by interested parties at The Royal Trust Company, 1 Place Ville Marie, 6 Floor South Wing, Montreal,...We expect proper standards of behaviour from public officials.Let's face it, there is a bit of corruption going on and we hope that will be avoided.Notice is given that Beverley Ryan (the "Deceased"), domiciled at 497 Ch.

Travel insurance against loss of valuables can be a double edged sword in Thailand.

Without money or phones, the desperate couple set out on foot to the nearest police station in Nonthaburi's Muang district to report the incident. The police told them there was little hope of finding the driver, but Nonthaburi police commander Pol Maj Gen Thanayut Wuthicharasthamrong had other ideas and through some great police work tracked down the thieving taxi driver.

Thai authorities have arrested the leader of a Thai mafia gang and charged with him with extortion based solely on the evidence of a British television documentary.

It's best to bring nothing to Thailand except a cheap laptop or smart phone and be willing to write it off. Unfortunately this is a scam carried out by the police and the courts -- and the most notable case was that of Jason Sudra from London, a supermarket manager, who was banged up for a month in Nong Plalai jail, Pattaya, without even seeing a judge.

This scam happens when tourists go to police and claim they were attacked and robbed.

You will need another lawyer to get your cash back from him.

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