Testimony college dating

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Testimony college dating

John says Allegheny Title IX Coordinator Katie Pope interrupted him during the hearing, which made his testimony confusing.

John claimed in this lawsuit that Allegheny didn’t even provide him with the details of the accusation against him until one day before his hearing.He said his note-taking was monitored and he was told his notes would be destroyed if they were “too detailed.” He felt hurried even though this was all he would be able to use to defend himself.He was told he could come back later to further review the investigative file, but later that day was informed he had just one more day to submit evidence in his favor.John provided Hall a written statement two days later, which called the accusation “simply not true” and re-iterated that he did not “have non-consensual sex with her at anytime.” Hall told John the statement was inadequate and would not provide additional information about the accusation.Hall now said John had to submit to an interview (about an accusation of which he didn’t know the details) before he would be told more information.The two had slept in John’s bed previously, but on this particular night, they engaged in sexual activity.

The woman twice left the room to use the bathroom, passing the resident assistant’s room on the way.

Allegheny is unlikely to change its policies based on this settlement, as the pressure to find accused students responsible at all costs remains high.

Although the Trump administration seems to be indicating that it will attempt to end campus witch hunts, public and media pressure remain on the side of accusers, no matter how weak their accusations.

On Friday, July 7, a stipulation for dismissal was filed, but without settlement details.

Neither Allegheny nor John’s attorney responded to a Federalist request for more information.

John told Hall that he had “not had non-consensual sexual relations with anyone,” but was told he needed to make the statement in writing to learn the details of the accusation against him.

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