Teen dating bill of rights

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Teen dating bill of rights - social anxiety relationships dating

Quiz adapted from In Love and In Danger: A Teen’s Guide to Breaking Free of Abusive Relationships (1998) by Barry Levy. Please call for information and support if you are concerned about your relationship or have checked any or many of the items in this self-test.

Its also not okay to treat your boyfriend in abusive ways. Its important for you to reject the idea that physical abuse is okaybefore it gets worse. Talk to a school counselor and ask for help to change your behavior.

She started walking away, so I pulled her hair and yanked her around.

She ran away, yelling she never wanted to see me again.

A healthy relationship is one in which partners treat each other with respect, support each others goals in life, and expect each other to have their own opinions, feelings, friends, and activities.

In an equal relationship decisions are made together, both partners make compromises and admit mistakes, and communication is open and truthful.

Anyone can get frustrated when things dont go their way, but abusing people we care about to get what we want is never okay.

Being hurt by a friends words or actions doesnt justify using physical force.

But hurting or hitting another adult, teenager, or child is wrong. Hitting people never makes problems go way, and someone can get seriously hurt or even die.

If your father or your mothers partner uses violence, they are choosing this behavior to try to control things because they think they have a right to do so. You can choose other ways to solve problems and negotiate in your relationships.

She wanted to go to a party at a guys house, but I wasnt really up for it.

She said she was going no matter what I did, so I grabbed her arm and told her she couldnt leave me with nothing to do.

I guess he gets jealous because he loves me so much. Its normal to feel jealous now and then, but we cant keep someone from having other friends.

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