Tangle wire dating

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Tangle wire dating

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For instance, we hear about "Workshops" all the time, but what "Workshops" means today is very different from what it meant in the early 2000's.

Paul Mastriano and Rich Shay piloted very similar Workshop decks to the Top Eight of the 2015 Vintage Championships, and not long afterwards came the restriction of Chalice and then Lodestone Golem.

The community of Workshop enthusiasts responded to the loss of their staple cards by becoming more aggressive.

If you take note, the deck completely eschews the Arcbound Ravager/Walking Ballista combo that has come to dominate the archetype.

Ballista and Ravager are two of the most powerful cards in Workshop aggro, so what is the benefit of removing them?

Thiim's take on aggro Workshops is really interesting.

There are a few changes here that help to position the deck well against the field, including hedges against Workshop mirror matches.

Desktop PCs have a number of advantages over laptops.

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In the space once occupied by Lodestone Golem went a revolving cast of players.

Thought-Knot Seer and Fleetwheel Cruiser were the main replacements for Lodestone, but people also tried the old tech of Slash Panther as well.

We saw a bunch of crazy, futuristic gadgets at this year's Consumer Electronics Show: virtual reality goggles, a "smart bowl" that keeps your devices in one place and charged, and even a digital assistant named "Jarvis." While we can't wait for all of those things to come out, it's probably going to be a while.

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