Talk with whores please no email

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Talk with whores please no email

--Connel Mac Kenzie , 4 October 2006 (UTC)In the form whore's bath, it’s a common term in contemporary Texas English.It means getting washed up in a sink while on the road, generally in the men's room of a gasoline station or roadside eatery or bar.

It covered washing as much dust off as you could without disrobing (face, neck, arms, hands, upper chest, maybe even feet).

—Stephen , 5 October 2006 (UTC) I've heard a friend say it, so maybe it is Texan.

I don't remember the 's though, and I doubt it's actually applied to whores. DAVilla , 26 October 2006 (UTC) I think you may be missing a distinction between "whore's bath" and "bitch bath".

“And for each guy, I’d say max there is a three date rule,” she says, “because when you go past that it gets a little trickier.” Sixth rule: expensive shirts, expensive shoes. I’m his one glimpse of normalcy, blah, blah, blah.” 11 p.m. But the food did not make up for the company.” This is a common cry of the reformed dinner whore.

Michelle Fowler, 26, better known as Mimi Foe, the author of the popular blog Mimi in New York, is a thrice Cambridge-degreed freelance journalist who often makes up for shortages in cash by stripping around town.

She is usually physically attractive enough to make the man fall for her feminine wiles.” But that’s just the beginning, you see. “The male ego thinks that, of course, this 25-year-old wants to be out with a 55-year-old man,” says the So Ho novelist and former Southern debutante.

“He should be fully aware that it’s because he’s picking up the tab.” The second rule of being a dinner whore is you do not talk about being a dinner whore.

"When somebody is on tour, a promotional tour, he's there to talk about his film, not about who he's f--ked or who he would like to f--k or who his wife was with ten years ago."Seagal continued, "They should go into pornography or something else instead of journalism if they want to hear that s--t.

They're a bunch of a--holes."The person interviewing Seagal then asked him, "You think it's because of the subject matter?

That’s when I was like, ‘See ya.'” Fourth rule: Only one girl to a dinner. “My date once ended up paying for my friends’ meal, too, at Spice Market. “Back in the beginning I would do that,” Parkhurst says, “when I didn’t mind being there longer.” So, Belle in the Big Apple, take us through a typical evening, won’t you? “Of course, he has to play squash first, then shower and meet you out for drinks.” 9 p.m. You look at the wine list, and you choose whatever you want.” p.m. In the very beginning he wants to know absolutely everything about you. Always have your key in the palm of your hand so that you can exit. While she did the dinner-whore thing once, she describes herself as more of a reformed “cocktail whore.” “That was so horrendous that I thought I can’t do this,” recalls Kearsley, who has been in a relationship now for two years.

She told him, ‘You’re going to expense it anyway.'” Fifth rule: One dinner at a time, ladies. He finds it so wonderful that I’m chasing my dream, and he talks about how he was forced into his profession by his mother or something. “They kept bringing out food that was so amazing, and my date kept saying, ‘You’re not going to believe it.’ Lots of wine, lots of dessert, the table was totally filled constantly.

The hacking has resulted in the leak of confidential information about executive and star salaries, movie budgets and employees’ personal information.

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../libsvn_fs_base/err.c:52 ../libsvn_fs_fs/err.c:42 #, c-format msgid "Reference to non-existent node '%s' in filesystem '%s'" msgstr "存在しないノード '%s' への参照がファイルシステム '%s' \ にあります" -#: libsvn_fs_base/err.c:62 #: ../libsvn_fs_base/err.c:62 #, c-format -msgid "Reference to non-existent revision %ld in filesystem '%s'" -msgstr "存在しないリビジョン %ld への参照がファイルシステム \ '%s' にあります" msgid "No such revision %ld in filesystem '%s'" msgstr "リビジョン %ld はファイルシステム '%s' にはありません" -#: libsvn_fs_base/err.c:74 #: ../libsvn_fs_base/err.c:74 #, c-format msgid "Corrupt entry in 'transactions' table for '%s' in filesystem '%s'" -msgstr "" -"'%s' (ファイルシステム '%s') の 'transactions' \ テーブルでエントリの値が壊れて" -"います" msgstr "'%s' (ファイルシステム '%s') の 'transactions' \ テーブルでエントリの値が壊れています" -#: libsvn_fs_base/err.c:85 #: ../libsvn_fs_base/err.c:85 #, c-format msgid "Corrupt entry in 'copies' table for '%s' in filesystem '%s'" -msgstr "" -"'%s' (ファイルシステム '%s') の 'copies' \ テーブルでエントリの値が壊れています" msgstr "'%s' \ (ファイルシステム '%s') の 'copies' \ テーブルでエントリの値が壊れています" -#: libsvn_fs_base/err.c:96 #: ../libsvn_fs_base/err.c:96 #, c-format msgid "No transaction named '%s' in filesystem '%s'" msgstr "'%s' という名前のトランザクションはファイルシステム \ '%s' にありません" -#: libsvn_fs_base/err.c:107 #: ../libsvn_fs_base/err.c:107 #, c-format msgid "Cannot modify transaction named '%s' in filesystem '%s'" -msgstr "" -"ファイルシステム内の、'%s' \ という名前のトランザクションは変更できません \ (ファ" -"イルシステム '%s')" msgstr "ファイルシステム内の、'%s' \ という名前のトランザクションは変更できません \ (ファイルシステム '%s')" -#: libsvn_fs_base/err.c:118 #: ../libsvn_fs_base/err.c:118 #, c-format msgid "No copy with id '%s' in filesystem '%s'" msgstr "識別番号 '%s' をもったコピーはファイルシステム '%s' \ にありません" -#: libsvn_fs_base/err.c:128 #: ../libsvn_fs_base/err.c:128 #, c-format msgid "Token '%s' does not point to any existing lock in filesystem '%s'" -msgstr "" -"トークン '%s' はファイルシステム '%s' \ 内に存在するどのロックも指し示していま" -"せん" msgstr "トークン '%s' はファイルシステム '%s' \ 内に存在するどのロックも指し示していません" # TRANSLATION-FIXME: If APR supported reordering of format indicators...

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