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The Anasazi were--so the findings suggested--peaceful farmers, and they attained astonishing results in engineering, architecture, and art.

Many of these outlying Great Houses seem to have been connected to Chaco by the radiating pattern of roads.

To avoid pregnancy, check out the various contraceptive methods mentioned here. If these infections aren’t detected early and treated, they may result in Pelvic Inflammatory Disease which can cause infertility.

Apparently, some males have decided that because their foreskin has been removed, they now possess superpowers and are untouchable.

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The Chaco Anasazi also built hundreds of miles of roads that stretched out from Chaco Canyon across the landscape in arrow-straight lines-an engineering marvel achieved without compass, wheel, or beast of burden.

They erected shrines, solar and astronomical observatories, irrigation systems, and a network of signalling stations.

Most of us, at one point or another, have heard some information about sexual health that we were not so sure about whether it was true or not. Condoms are super cheap, and are even available for free in some clinics, so there’s no excuse not to purchase as many as you would need. So many women across the world have been subjected to embarrassment because of this myth. Sexually oppressing a woman because of cultural or religious beliefs is unacceptable. This myth talks about having ‘blue balls’, medically known as vasocongestion.

Some of these myths would seem so believable to a lot of us, that we don’t see the need to pay a visit to a doctor or sexual health clinic for proper information. No amount of cleaning, scrubbing or washing will make it reusable. In Nigeria, many years ago, spreading out a plain white fabric on the bed just before a newly wedded couple had their first sexual intercourse was the norm. The hymen can’t always be used as a proof of virginity. This happens when there’s a build up of blood in the testicles when a male is turned on but doesn’t ejaculate.

Most recently, she garnered national recognition for her Peabody Essex Museum show, “Native Fashion Now” 2015 and international attention after receiving the highly prestigious Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian Arts and Design Award.

She is the very first recipient of this award, a historic achievement.

Circumcision is not a guarantee that you are protected from HIV and STIs.

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