Sudandating com

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Sudandating com

Nanoantenna Mystery of the Jean-François de Galaup, comte de La Pérouse Expedition Solved.La Pérouse One Chinese town processes 80% of Africa’s ivory trade.

This new discovery in eastern Sudan reveals that during the 4th millennium BC, peoples of the Butana Group were intensively cultivating wild stands of sorghum until they began to change the plant genetically into domesticated morphotypes.

Millions of Indian Trees India accomplished a major achievement recently by breaking a tree planting record, planting over 66 million in 12 hours.

The planting was carried out by volunteers in Madhya Pradesh, the 5th largest Indian state by population.

ekaart / 123RF Stock Photo China’s National Supercomputer Centre has announced that they are completing efforts on the first prototype of an exascale computer which they have named Tianhe-3 .

This computer will be the first to attain 1 exa FLOPS (EFLOPS) or 1×1018 calculations per second (1,000,000,000,000,000,000; a billion billion or quintillion). belchonock / 123RF Stock Photo December 16 714: Pepin of Herstal, mayor of the Merovingian palace (essentially prime minister but under the Pippinids de facto king) dies leaving his wife Plectrude, politically powerful in her own right, to be regent until his grandson comes of age to rule. belchonock / 123RF Stock Photo December 14 557: Constantinople is rocked by a massive earthquake, so powerful that the Hagia Sophia and city walls were damaged.

As the article elaborates when the old countries were destroyed cities were also typically destroyed.

Kaifeng benefited from the fact that the Yellow River…I got a bit behind on my research news so there will be some older stuff mixed in with these newer articles but they should be lesser know ergo news to you guys.3 temples have been discovered near Kerma, Sudan dating to 2,000 – 1,500 BCE. China will be getting a new forest, all in skyscrapers.Shuidong New modeling for Alfven waves disturbances in nuclear fusion reactors may lead to enhanced reactors Alfven waves…ktsdesign / 123RF Stock Photo In the ancient Greek city of Perge (Antalya, Turkey) a new mosaic was discovered depicting, “…sacrifice of Iphigenia, the daughter of King Agamemnon in Greek mythology, during the Trojan War.” The excavation is headed by Antalya Museum Director, Mustafa Demirel.Perge Mosaic Aspendos shops yield new finds Shops Chinese tomb…

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    Periods of uplift reaching rates of 0.60 ± 0.06 m/ka over the last ∼480 ka are recorded on one block, a value that is several-fold higher than is typical for the north Chilean coastline.