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Some are curable: chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis can be cleared up with antibiotics. Actually, it's pretty common for STDs to not display any warning signs right away (or at all), which is why it's so important to get tested at least once a year — you could have something and not even know it.Pubic lice (aka crabs) can be killed with special cream or shampoo. There's no need to run to a doctor every time you have, say, random discharge, but if you've had unprotected sex recently, it's been awhile since your last test (or you've never had one), and you're freaking out, get your butt over there. OK, here's the thing — those symptoms listed above could point to a lot of different conditions.

vaginal, oral, or anal penetration) or even just grinding up against a partner without your clothes on.Other times, it's transmitted sexually — and yes, oral sex counts, too.Cold sores on your mouth are often treated like NBD, whereas cold sores down below carry more of a stigma.Got a sex question you can't ask your mom or health teacher? This week, Fred Wyand, director of communications at the American Sexual Health Association, explains everything you need to know about STDs. has you covered in Sex & Body Talk, a regular column where we ask an expert a zillion questions and translate what it means.It might be awk, but it's important to have an honest convo with your doctor about your sexual history so they can recommend what tests you need.

There's a whole menu of tests your doctor can run for you, and they don't necessarily give you every one.

You should also contact your previous partners to let them know that you've been diagnosed: "Hey, I just found out I have [insert STD here], you might want to get tested." That convo isn't always the most comfortable thing in the world, but your partners will be grateful for your honesty.

You can't tell if a person has an STD just by looking at them — even if their junk looks perfectly normal. The first time you have this kind of chat, it can be awkward, but it's no less awkward than actually getting naked and having sex for the first time. We hate to say it, but there's always a tiny sliver of a chance that your partner isn't being honest about being exclusive (or isn't being honest about their last test results).

But actually, by adulthood, more than half of people have had a cold sore, and about a fifth of people have gotten genital herpes.

If you've just been diagnosed, you might feel totally alone, but the truth is that you're not alone at all. The underlying virus (that would be herpes) is the same, so people lump it together in the STD category.

It sounds icky to categorize anything you're dealing with as an STD because people can be weird about discussing things related to sex.

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