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Statistics on internet dating - libra female dating scorpio male

The top 2 giants in the online dating industry are an e

(State of the Date Report - February 2008) 28% of singles who date online say a married person contacted them on an online dating service or social network for dating purposes.People in relationships plan to spend more money, but the un-married work harder at buying love than the marrieds.Those in domestic partnerships plan to spend the most (.94), followed by married people (.85), and the singles spent the least (.54).(Source: Marketdata Enterprises - Matchmakers & Dating Services: A Consumer Guide - July 2005)Members of minority groups, unattractive or overweight people, those with rigid religious beliefs, single parents with more than two children living with them, and chain smokers will have limited success with matchmaking services.(Source: Marketdata Enterprises - Matchmakers & Dating Services: A Consumer Guide - July 2005)Although many dating services will claim their match rate is superior, single people have an equal chance of finding their match no matter what kind of dating service they use or price they pay.(Source Biz Rate Research Study - January 2007) All Online Dating Magazine content, including the content on this page, is © copyright by Online Dating Magazine and may not be republished or reused in any form.

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(Chadwick Martin Bailey Study - April 2010) 1 out of every 5 singles in the United States have dated someone they met online (Chadwick Martin Bailey Study - April 2010) Online Dating is the third most popular way for singles to meet, behind school/work and friend/family member.

( Chadwick Martin Bailey and Study - April 2010) For a first date, singles prefer dinner to any other activity. More than 50 percent of single women fell that a man should pick the venue for a first date and do the driving, but only eight percent felt a man should bring a gift on a first date.

further solidified its position by taking the place of Yahoo Personals on Yahoo. (Online Dating Magazine - January 2011)Online Dating Stats - Statistics Cited in 2010 5% of Internet users have paid to use an online dating service.

(Pew Internet Cash for Content Study - December 2010) 17% of couples that were married in the last three years met on an online dating service.

Online Dating Magazine has compiled a detailed list of online dating statistics that you can find below.

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