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Mary Elizabeth met Ewan as they starred together on crime show Fargo and — in one episode — the pair were seen ­sharing a steamy bath scene.

The Scot, born in Crieff, Perthshire, said: “I think it’s a brilliant movie and a very important one for me.And the actress told in an interview with Time Magazine how the show’s director Noah Hawley assured her that her screen character’s feelings for Ray Stussy were genuine.She added: “Once I knew that their love was real, then I was able to really move forward with this sort of sweet, bubbly, optimistic version of a femme fatale.” Mary Elizabeth — a distant relative of Hollywood screen siren Ava Gardner — announced her separation from 31-year-old Riley, her teenage sweetheart, five months ago.In the programme, Mary Elizabeth plays femme fatale Nikki Swango — a recently-released prisoner.Her character enjoys an affair with probation officer Ray Stussy, portrayed by Ewan, who also appears as Stussy’s twin brother Emmit.DINERS in a busy cafe watched as movie idol Ewan Mc Gregor and actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead sat deep in conversation, shared a passionate kiss — then left on his motorbike.

Married Trainspotting star Ewan, 46, spent more than an hour at the fashionable establishment with Mary Elizabeth, 32, who plays his lover in US telly show Fargo.The actress, who is from North Carolina, hit the headlines in 2014 when she became a ­victim of the i Cloud hack.The incident saw intimate photos taken for her husband leaked online. You can earn an advanced degree, write a book or go on an extended trip. Write down three things you can do each day to draw closer to your goal. Instead of sleeping late and couch surfing, set a goal and work towards it.I love you always, Riley.” But in June Riley closed his Twitter account saying: “Keep almost tweeting stuff I shouldn’t so I am saying bye for a while.” By Michael Hamilton EWAN Mc Gregor’s first TV role was as a 22-year-old in the 1993 mini-series Lipstick on Your Collar.

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