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She is the classic girl who's just a little on the plump side and constantly fails at diets because she gets so easily tempted by sweets, yet she feels far less calculated in her cuteness than most recent moe princesses...Rihoko's arc also stands out amongst the others for featuring the Christmas Eve Founder's Festival early in the arc, rather than as a climax, and ending without completely resolving its love story. Tsukasa has been a prominent supporting presence in all of the previous arcs, and while she has always given the impression of being a friendly, responsible, industrious girl, she has also occasionally shown faint hints of a second side to her personality.

The opener updates to “Kimi no Mama de,” a song which is sung by the same artist and in such a similar style to the original opener that only the changes in the opening animation could tip off some that there even is a change.

That comes out fully in her feature arc, making her the most intriguing of all of the leading ladies.

In some respects she harkens back to His and Her Circumstances' Yukino, a character who projects a carefully calculated façade to hide a more selfish and pride-driven side, though Tsukasa represents a more forceful and adaptive take on that character concept; she's even willing to change her personality entirely to achieve her goals. The first of the two one-shots, which was the series-ending episode for the original TV broadcast, focuses on a girl who was a hidden character in the source game and the one lead heroine who never appears as a background character prior to her feature episode.

As with the first half, each arc gets its own closer sung by the seiyuu for the arc's featured role. --Gwern (contribs) 5 December 2011 (GMT) While the ANN article on the anime has updates suggesting but not confirming that a 25th episode will be aired, the Japanese TV listing site "Sho Boi" ( shows air dates for the 25th episode which is marked as the last to be aired.

Also, the first episode's air date is shown as July 1 (actually early morning of July 2).

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The artistry is at its best in giving all of the girls interesting, distinctive, and at least vaguely appealing looks without resorting to outlandish styles or cookie-cutter anime stereotypes; this is an ideal series for a male viewer who can appreciate a wide variety of good-looking young women without needing blatant cutesiness or sex appeal to motivate him.

(Although Haruka's “Miss Santa” outfit in Tsukasa's arc is rather hot.) Director Yoshimasa Hiraike also uses some interesting camera angles from time to time, such as occasionally showing a voyeuristic bent in how it looks through Junichi's wandering eyes and having one character painting over graffiti at one point actually seeming to paint the screen.

The problem with blandness seen in the first three arcs also, unfortunately, continues – but this time it is only a big problem in one of the three main arcs. The fourth arc, which focuses on a girl who had very limited screen time in the first three arcs, features the plainest and most boring of the six leading ladies in a story which is almost entirely devoid of conflict and crisis.

As a result it is the least entertaining of the lot, though it is also most forthrightly the sexiest and has the most pronounced fan service.

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