Spotify news feed not updating

06-Feb-2020 12:06 by 10 Comments

Spotify news feed not updating - Erotisch 3d chat

Downgrading the activity feed is one issue, but breaking it altogether is another one entirely that is a whole lot worse.

The fastest and easiest way to stop Spotify from updating Facebook is to enter a private session.

One of those friends came to visit this weekend, and noticed that Spotify was showing that his last played song was 19 hours ago, and stated that that was rubbish because he had been using Spotify all day.

We ran a test where we both opened our Spotifys on seperate computers and played some music and, surprise surprise, nothing registered in either of our activity feeds.

However, when you log out or exit Spotify you will have to re-enter private session each time.

A more permanent solution is to change social preferences.

The fresh install updated the activity feed list(to a more recent list) but it still wont update/populate and just remains stagnant.

Hello, I am quite aggravated with the Activity Feed not updating on my Spotify.

As a premium member I expect to be paying for a program that isn't this buggy. I did the thing where I deleted everything except Users and Storage in the Spotify folder.

I have read at least 10 other forums with this problem with no clear solution.

My husband and I have sat side by side with our separate comupters and separate accounts and nothing is updating on either one of ours even while we are currently playing music (and both accounts set to public).

I have tried restarting the program as well to no avail.

We all know the old activity feed was far better than the new one in terms of how it worked, so I won't bang on about that.

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