Spirit and destiny dating

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Spirit and destiny dating - dating violence vs domestic violence

We all need a helping hand at some time in our lives.

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Until a determined redhead causes him to revise his opinion—of her and of marriage. Having a hasty spirit can derail our destiny and purpose.Without the ability to rule our spirit, master our emotions, obtain wise counsel and take care of ourselves, we are prone to function in a perpetual cycle of hastiness, fatigue, and poor decisions.For me, it was the moments in my past when I kept overriding the little nudge from God or that sense of uneasiness that I should wait and slow down before getting myself entangled in a certain relationship.Fast forward years later, and I found myself in a miserable, dead-end situation.We open ourselves up to the wiles and attacks of the enemy because the spirit of haste diminishes the effectiveness of our spiritual armor.

I encourage you today to slow down and be led by God in all that you do and not let the Spirit of Haste overtake you!Haste is defined as acting with excessive speed without insufficient consideration. We look at everyone’s highlight reels and photos social media and wonder if our time will ever come.It can also be defined as something said or done in a hurried or cursory fashion without due deliberation, prayerfulness or forethought. We get tired of waiting on God for a particular thing to happen and when the opportunity presents itself to do something about it, we make a quick decision to go ahead and do it because we are so READY for a change. We fear that we have missed God and that we are doing something wrong.One of my favorite bible teachers, Joyce Meyer, had a teaching entitled “Why God Why? If we really believe in what God says, i.e., if we know His promises to us personally and have a sure and steady certainty in His thoughts and goodness towards us, we will not step out prematurely in a spirit of haste.Instead, we will act prayerfully and move in the spirit of If all of the above scriptures are true, then why should we operate in spirit of impatience, haste and fear? Or, that day when you made a critical decision when you were tired, didn’t want to be bothered, didn’t feel like talking about it, and didn’t feel like thinking too hard about it.

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