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These plumes are much more focused than the upwelling observed with large-scale plate-tectonics circulation.

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In this case the Yellowstone hotspot’s initial flood-basalt event occurred near Steens Mountain when the Imnaha and Steens eruptions began.

As the North American Plate moved several centimeters per year westward, the eruptions progressed through the Snake River Plain across Idaho and into Wyoming.

Consistent with the hot spot hypothesis, the lava flows are progressively younger as one proceeds east along this path.

As the molten rock came to the surface, the Earth's crust gradually sank into the space left by the rising lava.

This subsidence of the crust produced a large, slightly depressed lava plain now known as the Columbia Basin or Columbia River Plateau.

Additional data collection and further modeling will be required to achieve a consensus on the actual mechanism.

The Columbia River Basalt Group flows exhibit essentially uniform chemical properties through the bulk of individual flows, suggesting rapid placement. states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, and California.Erosion resulting from the Missoula Floods has extensively exposed these lava flows, laying bare many layers of the basalt flows at Wallula Gap, the lower Palouse River, the Columbia River Gorge and throughout the Channeled Scablands.There is additional confirmation that Yellowstone is associated with a deep hot spot.Using tomographic images based on seismic waves, relatively narrow, deeply seated, active convective plumes have been detected under Yellowstone and several other hot spots.As hot mantle plume materials rise and reach lower pressures, the hot materials melt and interact with the materials in the upper mantle, creating magma.