Speed dating in canberra

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Speed dating in canberra - dating canada for muslims

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They might be bringing some anger depending on the severity of the offence," she said.

But she said the results had been impressive."Sometimes a victim has got an image in their mind of an offender as much bigger and scarier than they are in reality, so coming to a conference allows them to reframe the experience."The ACT Government is currently preparing for the next phase of the program, which will include more serious crimes like family violence and sexual offences.

Could you go behind bars to meet the shadowy figure who robbed you to feed his ice addiction?

Canberra woman Lisa Martin admitted she was excited by the prospect after her anger over the crime had faded.

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Ms Martin was more optimistic."I had plenty of time to prepare so instead of being vindictive and bitter, like I was at the beginning, I was excited because I was going to get answers," she said."I was very curious." Ms Martin said when the pair met in Canberra's Alexander Maconochie Centre she did not see Catania as a "bad guy"."You realise it's not just a face on the security footage, they are a person too," she said. We all want to be forgiven."While surprised, Catania was grateful for the forgiveness."I was very nervous about meeting her.

Not knowing how she would react to me," he said."She was sad for where I was today."But Ms Martin also quizzed Catania."He kept telling the police 'I don't know [where the bag is]' and I was like 'how can you not know? "[During the meeting] he told me he'd hidden it but someone else found it and stole it from him."Payback," she chuckled.

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