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Students that are accepted will be signing up for their regular core classes in “a design-your-own-education format,” he said.

They also need to have a 90 percent attendance record and a 2.0 GPA or better. If any one of the items are not met, then an interview can lead a student into the school,” Pondolfino said.The great thing about a singles cruise to Alaska is all of the options you have when you reach the port cities.You can do planned group activities or, if you've met someone special, go on a little adventure by yourselves.King Technical High will be in the small school category, similar to a rural school.“We will use the money to reinvest in the high school,” Agosti-Gisler said.Enjoy wandering the decks and talking to people that you find attractive, guaranteed that not only are they all single, they are also all here because they want to have fun and they want to find someone else to spend time with.

Even if you don't find someone on the trip, you will have spent a few days or longer delighting in a wonderful cruise and a beautiful destination, making it worth the effort for sure!

We already have an audiologist signed up and KTUU in the school for marketing, sales and television internships, for example.” Beginning in the 2018-2019 school year, the district hopes to transform the King Career Center into a fulltime high school.

After serving since 1974 as a vocational center for other high schools, the district plans to let KCC become an alternative high school and assume a new identity or “brand.” A big selling point in these days of slashed school budgets is how the school will be funded, Agosti-Gisler said.

East High School is the largest school in the state and it receives the least amount per student in state.

Dimond High school, by contrast, is funded at a higher BSA, she explained, due to a lower student population.

The process for approving these changes was first read in a proposal before the Anchorage School Board Jan.