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Speed dating agencies - Adult chat couples

Ultimately, I still have a pretty fond impression of Love Express as a whole.Events Attended: At least 3 Lasting Female Friends Made: None Event Registration Efficiency: 8/10 Organisation & Conduct of Event: 10/10 Overall Impression: 6.5/10 Remarks: Jerald has quite a reputation amongst the SDN crowd, but for the good reasons.

Founded in October 2011, we organize and host an array of fantastic Speed Dating Events, singles parties and lock & key events across London, enabling successful single professionals with busy lifestyles to meet each other and have fun.

He is well-known for his amazing efficiency, meticulousness, and attention to detail.

The level of detail in his email instructions is second to none.

Events Attended: At least 4 Lasting Female Friends Made: 2 Event Registration Efficiency: 5/10 Organisation & Conduct of Event: 7/10 Overall Impression: 7.5/10 Remarks: My very first SDN dating event in my life was a Singles Mingle one, so in that sense I also have some special feelings for them.

I also met dear Miss Arts House at this very first event (under rather amusing circumstances), and I have also recently gotten to know Miss Hands from a Singles Mingle event too…so you could say that Singles Mingle does deserve a special place in my heart. In terms of event registration, it’s a bit of a pain because you may sign up with them for an event a few weeks in advance, but you probably won’t hear from them until a few days before the event where they will send you an email with payment instructions.

Events Attended: At least 2 Lasting Female Friends Made: None Event Registration Efficiency: 5/10 Organisation & Conduct of Event: 6.5/10 Overall Impression: 5/10 Remarks: My least favourite of all the five agencies, after my recent experience at their event.

Others may have had good experiences at Viva One, but personally, I haven’t.

Why not try one of our upcoming events like Speed Dating Islington or Speed Dating Balham.

We know youll be pleasantly surprised by who you meet at our events and remember everyone is there for the same reason; to meet new people, expand their social circles and hopefully (fingers crossed) meet someone special.

I particularly like Leah’s bubbliness and the enthusiasm she brings to an event. In terms of event organisation, I think it is so-so.

There was once where we were doing speed dating rotations in pairs, and we didn’t manage to complete the full round of rotation and probably only covered 70% of the tables, which I wasn’t too pleased about.

The actual speed dating event was competently organised, though I did not receive a very friendly reception from the organiser when I first arrived at the venue, and it kinda affected my mood for the rest of the evening.