Southern baptist dating services

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Southern baptist dating services

The negative judgment seems at first sight to form an exception to the general law that truth is correspondence; but this is not really the case.In the affirmative judgment both subject and predicate and the union between them, of whatever kind it may be, are referred to reality; but in the negative judgment subject and predicate are disjoined, not conjoined.

By its activities it causes in man an idea that is like to the idea embodied in the thing itself. The object about which we judge is reality itself -- either concrete existing things, their attributes, and their relations, or else entities the existence of which is merely conceptual or imaginary, as in drama, poetry, or fiction, but in any case entities which are real in the sense that their being is other than our present thought about them.

How, then, can ideas and their conjunctions or disjunctions, which are psychical in character, correspond with realities which for the most part are not psychical but material?

To solve this problem we must go back to ontological truth which, as we saw, implies the creation of the universe by One Who, in creating it, has expressed therein His own ideas very much as an architect or an author expresses his ideas in the things that he creates except that creation in the latter case supposes already existent material.

In other words, in the negative judgment we deny that the predicate has reality in the particular case to which the subject refers.

On the other hand, all such predicates presumably have reality somewhere, otherwise we should not talk about them.

What we deny, in fact, in the negative judgment is not the reality of the predicate, but the reality of the conjunction by which subject and predicate are united in the assertion which we implicitly challenge and negate.

Subject and predicate may both be real, but if our judgment be true, they will be disjoined, not united in reality.

It is, however, rather with the appearance of such things that our judgment is now concerned than with their essential nature or inner constitution.

Thus, when we predicate colours, sounds, odours, flavours, hardness or softness, heat or cold of this or that object, we make no statement about the nature of such qualities, still less about the nature of the thing that possesses them.

What we mean when we say that "action and reaction are equal and opposite", or that "two and two make four", is that these laws which in their own proper nature are ideal, are realized or actualized in the material universe in which we live; or, in other words, that the material things we see about us behave in accordance with these laws and through their activities manifest them to our minds. the judgments which usually accompany and give expression to acts of perception, differ from the above in that they refer to objects which are immediately present to our senses.

The realities in this case, therefore, are concrete existing things.

The realities to which abstract concepts refer have no material existence as such.

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