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Festivals are also very friendly places to go on your own.

I also like the sound of Dixieland and Rhythms, a tour exploring America’s musical past, again without a single supplement.

Of course, you don’t have to go through a tour operator.

Trawling the net, I found the Mistral hotel in Chania, Crete, which offers a variety of special-interest holidays, such as painting, and song and dance, for single people.

Many of the most established singles operators, such as Just You and Friendship Travel, go out of their way to reassure potential customers – apprehensive about going away with a group of strangers – that they won’t be expected to join in all the activities.

Some of these operators say you don’t actually have to be single – you might just be holidaying on your own on this occasion and want to link up with others in the same position.

What all these companies offer is a get-together on the first night and the opportunity to dine with the rest of the group and to go on excursions together.

There are usually 12 to 16 in a group, with women tending to outnumber men.If your goal is to experience the life and culture of the places you visit, you’re already one of us—and you’ll find yourself in the congenial company of others who look at the world like you do. We only pass along the extra cost hotels charge us, instead of marking it up to make extra profit from you.Our first priority is to be sure you never feel like the fifth wheel. Our friendly and well-connected local guides are with you full time to watch out for everyone’s needs and interests, whether you are a single traveler or traveling with someone.And for those going on holidays where you do have to pay a single supplement, Archers offers to organise a room share with somebody else of the same sex.Cruises and rail journeys are often good options for those travelling alone.Great Railway Journeys says that 20 to 25 per cent of its groups can be people travelling alone.

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