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Joe and Cynthia are immediately fearful of their new Muslim neighbors, Zayn and Fahmida (Fahim Anwar and Nazneen Contractor), but try to act friendly – that is, until a "suspicious-looking" package shows up on the neighbors' porch.Jerrod's longtime friend Shawn (Antwon Tanner) gets out of prison after ten years, and Jerrod offers Shawn a place to stay until he gets back on his feet.

Meanwhile, the family explores how social media can affect their relationships and what it means to create an online persona.A bedroom mishap for Jerrod and Maxine prompts a family discussion on birth control, while everyone seeks shelter in Joe and Cynthia's basement during a storm.Later, Jerrod and Maxine disagree on whether they should have children.Maxine becomes increasingly angry as the Carmichael men and even Cynthia say that the first thing anyone notices about her is that she's hot.On Cynthia's birthday, Jerrod offers to take her and the family to a high-end restaurant owned by the family of Drew, his high school pal.Note: This episode was originally scheduled to air on June 14, but was replaced by "Lesbian Wedding" due to the 2017 Congressional baseball shooting and another shooting at a UPS facility in San Francisco.

Bobby learns from a facebook message that he has a half-brother named Morris.

The Carmichael Show is an American television sitcom broadcast on NBC created by Jerrod Carmichael, Ari Katcher, Willie Hunter and Nicholas Stoller. Starring Carmichael, it follows a fictional version of his family.

On May 15, 2016, NBC renewed the series for a 13-episode third season, which premiered on May 31, 2017.

This worries Bobby, who had a drunken hookup with his date the previous night and is now unsure that the sex met Maxine's criteria for consent.

When Bobby and Jerrod accompany Joe on his weekly trip to hand out donuts at the local Army recruiting center, they see Kevin, a former neighborhood bully, who has just returned from basic training.

As an attempt to hear all sides of the election debate, Jerrod attends a Trump rally with Joe.