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As the two stars approach each other, huge magnetic storms are created between them and both stars start to spin faster as a result of tidal forces getting stronger.

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The large, bluish-white star Sirius A dominates the scene, while Sirius B is the small but very hot and blue white-dwarf star on the right.Every day after the heliacal rising, the star rises a bit earlier and is visible for a little longer before dawn.Alpha Canis Majoris appears as a single star to the naked eye, but it is really a binary star system, composed of a white main sequence star belonging to the spectral class A1 V, known as Sirius A or Alpha Canis Majoris A, and a dim white dwarf with the stellar classification DA2, designated Sirius B or Alpha Canis Majoris B.The star has 316% of the proportion of iron found in the atmosphere of our Sun.The estimated age of the system is between 200 and 300 million years.The angular separation between them varies from 3 to 11 seconds of arc.

An X-ray image of the Sirius star system located 8.6 light years from Earth.

Because the two stars are so close together Sirius B escaped detection until 1862 when Alvan Clark discovered it while testing one of the best optical telescopes in the world at that time.

Image: NASA/SAO/CXC At the closest approach every 50 years, Sirius A and Sirius B can only be resolved with a 12-inch telescope in good viewing conditions.

It has an estimated surface temperature of 9,940 K.

Sirius B is 10,000 times less luminous, but a brighter X-ray source of the two.

'It seems cats can consciously vary their intonation or melody constantly, perhaps to convey a certain message, perhaps to alter or increase the urgency of a message, or emotions,' said Susanne Schötz, reader in phonetics at Lund University and leader of the project.'We want to find out to what extent domestic cats are influenced by the language and dialect that humans use to speak to them, because it seems that cats use slightly different dialects in the sounds they produce'.

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