Should dating couples do devotions together

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When people are prevented from seeing their expectations realized, they often respond with anger.

Our recent, informal survey simply asked the open-ended question: “What do you wish you had been told before you became a minister’s wife?He told me that he had asked each one to give him a brief account of their most recent major conflict. All but one were in conflict with their Board of elders. I found this remarkable because that very Wednesday morning I had devoted a major part of my class time insisting that students in my class would never officiate at a wedding without first conducting a premarriage course, preparing a couple for marriage. A primary function of pre-marriage counselling and planning is to adjust unrealistic expectations and express assumed expectations so that the couple can commit themselves to agreed-upon realistic expectations. We are not doing well when it comes to Managing Expectations.When expectations are poorly managed, four negative emotions emerge, any one of which can be destructive in any relationship. Slowly but deliberately, “Prof” leaned into the microphone: “Jean and I have two unconditional commitments. And it is critical to constructing any strong and stable relationship. In spite of their active and pressured life as seminary professor, conference speakers, church leaders, authors, parents of four, mentors to scores, they had one of the neatest relationships I had ever seen. While an unconditional commitment to a spouse may include several components, very close to the top of the list is the commitment to manage each other’s expectation in a biblical and constructive manner.Two of these emotions, anger and sadness may be the feeling of the person whose expectations are not being fulfilled; you or your spouse, your pastor, your colleague, or any person with whom you have a relationship where their expectations are poorly managed.

The other two emotions, anxiety and shame, may be the feelings of the person who is trying to meet the expectations of another individual.It’s true on your job, at your bank, in your neighbourhood, at the fitness centre, on the highway, in the classroom.When you join a church, sit on the church board, chair the mission’s committee, sponsor the youth program, teach a Sunday school class, prepare the church bulletin, usher at Sunday services, share on the worship team, serve in the nursery, expectations are always involved.We are unconditionally committed to each other.” That was it! When you enter marriage, you have expectations of your spouse and your spouse has expectations of you.In your parenting, you have expectations of your children and your children have expectations of you.This, in turn, dictates the direction and quality of our lives.

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