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They “progressed” to where Sanger’s organization rapidly became America’s largest abortion provider.And where do “pro-choicers” stand today on abortion?

It’s inevitable in every country that redefines marriage as anything but one man and one woman. This is, of course, a blatant I-told-you-so moment.

We were denounced as homophobes and bigots who simply hate. They shouted at us that they would progressives “progress.” The only thing you really know about progressives, and that they know about themselves, is that they’re always changing, evolving.

Where they stand now, on any given issue, is, by progressivism’s own definition, subject to change.

They cannot tell us where they will stand on issues X and Y in 20 years. But we do know this much: what is seemingly inconceivable to all of us right now, including to progressives themselves, can become the dogmatic position of progressives in a generation.

The once-unimaginable absurdities become reality, and when they do, the progressive shrugs and then shouts—at you.

“Some ill-informed persons have the notion that when we speak of birth control we include abortion as a method.

We certainly do not.” Yet, for progressives, what began as birth control needed only a few decades to snuff out life after conception.I hope the day comes when we can all love as freely as we can and be recognized by our world laws.” Here’s a comment from someone named Louis in South Africa, another herald of the times, who is inspired to give thanks to the Creator who made them male and female: “Thank God for these people—the world needs more love.All the best to them and many, many years of happiness. May they experience God’s favour in their lives every day of their lives and I hope they have a big family one day to share in their love!And, of course, expect them to (yet again) denounce you as an uncaring brute.Anyway, to that end, here were some of the readers’ comments posted at the : “I’m happy for them.Worse, in the ultimate tragedy, this progressive rot, this dangerously addled “thinking,” is now pervading a larger secular world that has lost God and lost its dedication to moral absolutes.