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The seven strangers have gone from college kids to adults. One still works in showbiz, recently hosting a show on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Before the show aired, he went through his regular routine of class and going out with friends.Then September 2004 came, and everyone saw him on TV.

Melanie started going on her own to Drinker’s Tavern.

She stayed strong for her family during her time of grief but found herself reaching out to groups to help heal and coming up short.

She took matters into her own hands and created her own group that welcomed anyone who ever felt grief, mistreated or overlooked; she wanted another set of eyes and ears to help her “get out of her own head.” That group grew organically and, eventually, Sha Vonda started a nonprofit group, Socialite Society, as a platform for this community of people she had joined together.

I did get called the N-word.” Cast members enjoyed Stephen Starr restaurants, particularly Continental, Pod and Jones.

Landon couldn’t get enough of Jim’s Steaks on South Street.

That also happened to be the area where they encountered the most problems with rowdy Philadelphians.

For a calmer time, they’d go out in Manayunk or Rittenhouse Square. With two gay roommates in Willie and Karamo, the cast often went out in the Gayborhood and frequented a Northern Liberties bar called Shampoo that closed in 2013.“They came out and said, ‘you guys have got to go out and experience the city,’” Shavonda says.“‘You can’t just stay inside all day.’ I believe they got us like a private police escort who stayed a few steps back.” Any time you saw the cast members engage in “spring-breakish type behavior,” says Shavonda, they were probably out on Second Street in Old City.About a week later, the city and MTV agreed to terms, and “Real World: Philadelphia” was on once again. Landon says the cast received a “mixed audience” when they went out, with friendly people excited for Real Worlders to be out and others who wanted to antagonize them.Not feeling welcomed became a recurring theme during their stay. Shavonda remembers they got so tired of dealing with hostile people the cast started playing board games all the time, afraid of going out.Karamo has visited several times since the end of the show.