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She turned to speak to some one, the bright sunlight shining through, turning the material opaque, showing her legs, giving me a chance to look at her bum again, noticing what looked like the outline of a thong just visible and possibly the tell tale bumps of suspender clips.That she was wearing stockings was confirmed a few minutes later when a gust, blew her dress, revealing her shapely legs and stocking tops.

Instead of heading for the bar Sue guided me outside, “Just going for a smoke” she told the group we were with.My hand was soon back between her legs, the side of my hand touching her smooth pussy, rubbing her extremely wet cunt, feeling a row of thick rings through her cunt lips, another dangling near her clit, as we sat through the speeches.Her cunt wasn’t the only thing that was wet, my boxers were uncomfortably sticky from the liquid seeping from my prick.She sat on it, legs spread, her cunt opening like a flower, four rings, two either side of her cunt, hanging from her fleshy pussy lips, wet with her juices.She reached down rubbing herself, pulling her clit hood back, her prominent clitoris sticking out stiff like a mini cock as she stroked it.The hotel grounds were large, lawns stretching in one direction, more formal gardens to one side, high hedges, seats dotted about.

Still holding my arm, she suggested we take a walk to the far side of the gardens.

A gravel path, high hedges either side, separate hedged gardens through archways. Sue released my arm, untied her belt, undid the single button holding her dress, letting it fall open, revealing her stockinged legs, suspenders framing her smoothly shaved pierced pussy, her tits supported by a half cup bra, her hard nipples peeping over the cups.

I had a panicky look behind me, my already half erect cock leaping to attention. We can fuck in the garden down here” she indicated down a side path.

I felt something, looked at her puzzled, “My piercings” she whispered.

Towards the end she slipped away for a few minutes, returning and sitting down, pressing her lacy thong into my hand under the table, “Look after that and no nipping out to the loo to sniff it” she told me.

If I hadn’t known I’d have put her age closer to forty.