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For instance, there is no almond in the parfum version, the note pyramid seems less overall. Although sexy and memorable in a sense, it belongs to that era of 80s, 90s. The only thing kept me always away of proper test of this product was a bottle. Red, color looked heavy for me since I have looked and I was affraid of sthg really unpleasure. I get almond, chocolate, woods, and booze on my wrist with this one. This scent is perfect for me today - raining, raining, raining, typical San Francisco weather that casts a gloomy view when looking out a window. Wonderful would be kind enough to nibble on my ear, the day would end perfectly. Cartier's softens quickly into a sweet Almond like Vanilla vibe. stores carried it, i thought it was discontinued or something..

Cedar and musk are at the perfume’s heart, while the base note is composed of vetiver, patchouli and benzoin resin. I have both the original formula and the current reformulated version.

I think it does have a few things in common with Alien Essence Absolue, which is quite classy to me.

Similar feeling, but worlds apart if you know what I mean.

I think this particular fragrance has a more familiar feeling to it than any Mugler has.

Mugler is based around a style of 80s fragrance, much like Eden or Lou Lou, where strangeness is key. On the occasions where I wear it, I have never heard someone assume or ask if I was wearing a ladies scent.

عطر مميز للشتاء ولا اجمل ، انصح به وبشدة لا تفوت على نفسك فرصة تجربة العطر ولو لمرة في حياتك ..

زجاجة صغيره منه مع بخات قليلة تفي بان تحيطك بهالة عطرية عريضة دافئة و غير مزعجة ..!! رائحة غير مكررة اراها تصلح للجنسين بكل تاكيد Got this one last year summer.You can hear the burning of the dragon’s fiery breath while bitter smoke envelopes you and your sense, but then, suddenly, this gentle warmth settles on the skin.Warm, woody notes are perfectly harmonized with bitter almond, floral notes and citruses.It was a hot day, and I just decided to stop by at costco after work.I got this one without knowing how good or bad it was.A 'You know me and you don't' type of deal whereas LBd D is based around recognizable 'orientalism', much like Coco was. Between the vetiver and the woody notes, is where the unisex-vibe of this scent, lies.