Sexual web site in kenya to chat

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Sexual web site in kenya to chat

As a group, the heterosexual men had larger INAH 3 regions than either the homosexual men or the heterosexual women, Le Vay reports.

“A certain brain structure could be a predisposition to homosexual behavior that requires a certain environment to be expressed,” she says.

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“This proves that you can study sexual orientation at the biological level,” Le Vay asserts.

“There are differences in the brains of adult gay and straight men.” However, he warns, “my data don’t say how that difference arose.” Previous investigations have turned up other contrasts.

Together, the studies conducted to date “really show that there’s something different in the [brain] anatomies of homosexuals and heterosexuals,” she says.

Witelson and Le Vay speculate that atypical levels of sex hormones may shape the brains of homosexuals in the womb or during childhood.

A comparison of 41 autopsied brains has revealed a distinct difference between homosexual and heterosexual men in the brain region that controls sexual behavior.

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