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As “music” is the English word, the Arabs spell it as "Mousika" and the Egyptians use the word “Mazika" or "Mazzikha" referring to music.

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Music can be spelled : musiqa, moussika, museeka, mousika, Mouseeqa, Mousika, musika, mazika, mazzika, mooseekaa ...

The roots of the Arabic music goes back to old Arabic poetry and the "Mouwashahat" of the "Jahiliya period'.

In the past, almost all famous Arabic singers started their musical career from their childhood while participating in school musical festivals singing Arabic kids songs or through singing Arabic wedding songs during the wedding ceremonies.

In such occasions, Arabic music belly dance songs or Arabic Music Remix are the most preferred in parties.

The modern Arabic music has evolved and left the old Arabic songs approach behind.

Today, Arabic music video clips, Arabic music HD video streaming, are a necessity for the success of new Arabic songs and Arab singers.

The history of Arabic music combines a dilemma of thoughts and different opinions.

However, the Arabic Music as it is identified nowadays is the creation of an evolutionary art. Music of the Middle East is very much influenced by the Greek and Indian music.

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