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The untimely deaths of these two young ladies has forever impacted the the girl’s family and the community alike.

I am the only daughter of my parents and the only one who is still in school with the grace of god. All my 3 brothers have failled in school and in everything they tried, all we have ever known is failure , suffering and nothing else.and please email me some powerfull prayers to fight them for once and for all in Jesus Name Dear pastor thank you for this website and thank for everything you are doing. May God assist you in your work and bless you and your family.Thank you Lord for protecting my siblings,our children,spouses and myself from untimely death,hardship,sickness,stagnancy,setback,disappointment and all evil attacks from evil family members in Jesus name. But of course they made their plans without counting God in it.They refuse to see that If i am still standing it was not by my force but by God will. Anyone reading this Please keep us all in your prayers.On Monday, February 13th 2017, at pm, two best friends went for a hike on the Monon High Bridge trail in Delphi Indiana.

Shortly after pm a man approached the girls as they neared the end of the Monon bridge.The identity of the suspect, now known as BG (bridge guy), remains unknown.Police have revealed very little information outside of two still images and a suspect voice clip taken from a video recorded by Liberty German as the suspect approached.He ordered them ‘down the hill’ to their eventual deaths.Their bodies were found by searchers on Tuesday, February 14th, at pm on a stretch of private property just 50-60 feet from Deer Creek and within a half mile of the bridge.It took me a while for me to be able to start moving my hands then my feet.