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Your credit score is generated based on information on your credit report, but you will not find this numerical manifestation of your financial responsibility on the report itself.It’s a separate entity, and while credit reports are free to access, you often have to buy your credit score.

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Sure, there may be some slight discrepancies here and there, depending on each bureau’s sources and information gathering techniques, but the fundamentals are fairly uniform.

The catch with store cards is that the interest rates are often higher than a normal card, which will become expensive if you can't pay off the balance each month," Pukas says.

If you are unable to get a credit card because don't have the strongest history, or any history at all, you might find that a partner or relative is willing to cosign one with you, or open up a card for you.

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It's important to diligently monitor the account and monthly bills to ensure that any debts — even if they aren't incurred by the cosigner — are being paid off."3. An easy way to ensure that both parties can monitor a cosigned account is by making all documents related to the account accessible.

"If you want to establish credit by becoming an authorized user on someone else’s account, just make sure to ask the credit issuer for that account if they report authorized user activity to the credit bureaus," Brainard says.But, with many millennials apprehensive about signing up for a credit card in the first place, or using one at all, building that credit can be tough.Most lenders will want to see that you have an established credit history before issuing an account, says Derek Brainard, a financial literacy coordinator at Syracuse University. "If you already have student loans or other types of consumer loans, you may already have an established credit history," Brainard says.We’ve already discussed what IS included in your credit report, and while one could infer that any omissions from that list would amount to what is NOT included, we all still thirst for specifics.Let’s therefore take a closer look at what you will not find in your credit reports from Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union.For example, Pukas says, after you've met the terms of accountability with a secured card, your deposit will be refunded and you can upgrade to a regular credit card.