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The resulting frieze, which runs around the bucket, depicts three naked warriors armed with spears, shields, swords and a discus, fighting a leopard and a mythical beast or bear.An inscription in ancient Greek around the top of the bucket reads This extraordinary bucket is one of only three known in England and belongs to a closely related group of which a further three were found in Turkey, Italy and Spain, with three more having unknown find spots.

This is therefore a much larger percentage than has previously been recorded for British material.All of these buckets are decorated with a hunting frieze and most have an inscription.Their manufacture is so similar that it is thought that they were produced at the same workshop, or group of workshops, in the eastern Empire possibly at Antioch, in the 6th century AD.The tomb, opened in 2008 by archaeologists at Magdeburg Cathedral, carries the inscription “EDIT REGINE CINERES HIC SARCOPHAGVS HABET...” (the remains of Queen Eadgyth are in this sarcophagus...), and scientific tests on the bones inside have confirmed their owner's ancient identity.Many readers in Edinburgh will recollect the lovely lady who added to university occasions at which her husband, then Sir Michael Swann FRS, the vice-chancellor, (1965-1973) presided.Rob Welling, from the CPS, said: ‘Richard Hilary abused his position of trust as a teacher to indecently assault young girls he had responsibility for.

In October 1999, metal detectorist Steve Bolger reported an unusual find to the Hampshire Finds Liaison Officer for the Portable Antiquities Scheme.A number of victims came forward after Hilary was cleared of three counts of indecent assault against a child after a trial in May 2014.Hilary, who retired from teaching in 2006, denied all 14 charges of indecent assault.Hilary assaulted his victims, who were aged between 11 and 15, when he was a teacher at The Wavell School in Farnborough, Hampshire, and a coach at Winchester Athletics Club.He also spent 12 years as head teacher of Chamberlayne Park School in Southampton, Hampshire, after the alleged offences took place.In a playing time of just three-and-a-half hours, we have the stories of the sword in the stone, the vision of Excalibur in the misty lake, the defeat of King Lot, the love triangle of Arthur, Guenever and Launcelot, the fellowship of the Round Table, the search for the Holy Grail, the jousts at Winchester, the usurpation of Mordred and the final battle.