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This implies that the date palm and its fruit were a thing humans knew about before Sumerians became cultivators.

According to a German Assyriologist by the name of Benno Landsberger, these words are words from a pre-Sumerian language.While we reflect on a proud past, we keep a keen eye on what is yet to come, especially in the areas of culinary development and nutrition.We foster development in a setting where mobility, teamwork, and communication flourish.C., suggesting that dates originated in the East and were carried to the Near East and Egypt.” On the Natural History of the Date Palm page, Geoff Sanderson writes that the date palm needs “its feet in running water and its head in the fire of the sky.” Such criteria made Lower Mesopotamia in the Tigris and Euphrates delta—where summers are dry, winters are mild, and irrigation was already a thing—the perfect location for the date palm to thrive and become a symbol of fecundity and success, as well as a vital part of the economy.Even with the perfect conditions Lower Mesopotamia provided a date palm, however, it still took the plant four to six years from planting time to bear fruit, along with some 15 to 20 years to reach full productivity.You can call our agency or walk-in and speak to an intake worker.

In addition, a parent, guidance counselor, or friend can call to request services on behalf of youth and families. Moreover, a natural palm grove features an even split of half female and half male trees.Such groves rely on Mother Nature to carry the males’ pollen to the females’ flowers via the wind or pollinating fauna.Our services are voluntary, which means you can stop at any time; the actual length of time will be decided between you and your counselor. All Bridge Youth Services staff are trained in crisis intervention and can provide immediate assistance to youth whether over the phone or meeting at the office, home, or other location. After hours, assistance for runaway and homeless youth is available 24 hours a day, by calling The Bridge Youth Services (570) 824-5766 or Help Line (570) 829-1341. Some of the topics we deal with are: Self-esteem Peer pressure Dating Parents (conflict, divorce, separation, etc) School/truancy Bullying Sexuality/Sexual Activity Loneliness Services at The Bridge Youth Services are confidential, except for situations (ie.