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But if the $5 billion private-prison industry had its own Mount Rushmore, Wackenhut’s thin-lipped face would've been carved into it long ago.Wackenhut grew up in Upper Darby and had an unforgettable brush with history after graduating from West Chester University. Edgar Hoover heyday in the early 1950s and went on to create a private security firm, the Wackenhut Corp., in 1954, according to a detailed account of his rise from the collaborative online news outlet Muck Rock.

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The company has signed 4 million worth of federal contracts so far this year, including a 0 million deal to build an immigration detention center in Texas.

“There’s little transparency.” Open The Government, a coalition for government transparency that includes the American Civil Liberties Union and the American Society of News Editors, recently began encouraging Senate leaders to support legislation to apply the Freedom of Information Act to federally funded private prisons.

The companies are well-skilled at the art of evading scrutiny.

In May, the Inquirer and Daily News requested copies of internal safety audits for CI-Moshannon Valley, a GEO-run prison in Philipsburg, Centre County, that houses undocumented immigrants who have been convicted of other crimes.

The company is required to submit such audits to the Bureau of Prisons every year, but a GEO spokesman insisted the audits couldn't be shared because they might contain information their competitors could exploit.

Its revenue swelled to an all-time high of .1 billion in 2016. In her memo last August, Yates wrote that private prisons “do not save substantially on costs.” The IG’s office found that 9 million was spent on private prisons in 2014 — a hefty sum, yet less than 10 percent of the Bureau of Prisons’ .9 billion budget that year.

Exactly “The private-prison industry is a little bit of a black box,” said Lauren-Brooke Eisen, a former prosecutor who now works as a senior counsel for the Brennan Center for Criminal Justice at New York University School of Law.“They did absolutely nothing to help him.” When the agony became too much, Bryant hanged himself with prison-issued linens on Nov. He was one of 12 inmates who died at the facility between 20, according to a lawsuit Bryant's family filed in 2009 against the GEO Group, an international conglomerate that manages George W.Hill and 21 other facilities across Pennsylvania, including two halfway houses and a day reporting center in Philadelphia. GEO and other leading for-profit prison corporations have been plagued by health and safety issues for years, with prisoner and staff complaints and wrongful-death lawsuits piling up like mounds of unopened jail mail. Bureau of Prisons to annually house more than 34,000 federal inmates.But the companies have enjoyed a lucrative relationship with the federal government. It was a convenient arrangement for a nation with the world’s highest prison population, underpinned by a belief that private corporations could do the job cheaper and better.The government’s stance toward companies like GEO underwent a dramatic shift last summer.The newspapers also asked to tour Moshannon Valley, which has been the subject of multiple federal civil rights lawsuits in Pennsylvania.