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Helen was born July 2, 1920, in Mabel, to Oscar and Bernice (Lee) Thompson.

Helen is survived by five children, Dianne (Al) Havlik of Rochester, Dean (Arlene) of Mabel, Lamont of Mabel, Julie (Leon) Gunderson of Harmony, and Wayne (Terry) of Mabel; 12 grandchildren; 19 great-grandchildren; one great-great-grandchild; a sister-in-law, Ethel Austin of Caledonia; and a brother-in-law, Donald Ward of Onalaska, Wis. 13, at the Newburg United Methodist Church in rural Mabel, with the Rev. Mengis Funeral Home in Mabel is assisting with arrangements.

The next morning, Wilson was discovered strangled to death in a nearby stairwell. Police suspected Dickson’s involvement but couldn’t find any hard evidence initially. Before Wilson died, Dickson had repeatedly bragged to a coworker that his martial arts training gave him the ability to expertly choke the life out of someone. In 1990, he burgled the home of Linda Howton and made off with two pairs of white sneakers as well as a photo of Howton wearing white sneakers.

Perhaps most telling was a sexually graphic letter that Dickson composed on the seventh anniversary of Deborah Wilson’s murder.

While stationed at a US Army base in Korea, he stole white sneakers from a number of different women. Dickson simply had an insatiable lust for women’s white sneakers.

Years later, that proclivity got him tried for murder.

In 1997, a Philadelphia court sentenced 37-year-old Dickson to life in prison.

In 2007, Oregonian Korena Roberts was anticipating the birth of her third child when misfortune callously struck. The loss took an immeasurable mental toll on the mother’s psyche.

For example, Dickson had written a foot-related love letter to a female chemist at Drexel three years after Wilson’s death.

When the chemist lodged an official complaint, she started receiving terrifying calls from a man who was presumed to be Dickson. These pieces of evidence and the testimony of a prison inmate who said that Dickson had admitted killing Wilson for her shoes helped to score a murder conviction.

She was preceded in death by her husband, Adrein; and her parents. Students in Mike Olson's classroom at Folwell Elementary School are family.

It's that commitment to caring and support that forms a base for him to teach as well as continue to learn.

On June 25, 1941, she was united in marriage to Adrein Austin at the Newburg United Methodist Church in Newburg, Minn.