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It embraces The region is known for supporting extensive cattle ranching and dry farming.

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Much of the region was home to American bison herds until they were hunted to near extinction during the mid/late 19th century.

During the summers of 19, we conducted a survey of bats at Badlands National Park, South Dakota.

Using mist nets, we captured bats and recorded species, sex, age class, and reproductive condition for each individual netted.

It has an area of approximately 500,000 sq mi (1,300,000 km The term "Great Plains", for the region west of about the 96th or 98th meridian and east of the Rocky Mountains, was not generally used before the early 20th century.

Nevin Fenneman's 1916 study, Physiographic Subdivision of the United States, Today the term "High Plains" is used for a subregion of the Great Plains.

The sub-arid climate excludes tree growth and opens far-reaching views. They are of diverse structure and of various stages of erosional development.

They are occasionally interrupted by buttes and escarpments. Yet on the whole, a broadly extended surface of moderate relief so often prevails that the name, Great Plains, for the region as a whole is well deserved.

Most bats captured were male (76.3%) although maternity colonies of at least M volans and P. Reproductive activity was observed for all species except L. cinereus, which probably just migrate through the area.

In addition to crevices, bats used caves as summer roosts.

If a boundary must be drawn where nature presents only a gradual transition, this rainfall line may be taken to divide the drier plains from the moister prairies.

The plains may be described in northern, intermediate, central and southern sections, in relation to certain peculiar features.

We recorded five species, Myotis ciliolabrnm (n = 198), M.