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Vietnam saw black men dying right alongside white men only to return home and be discriminated against.

He was say, "I draw your attention to Article 1, Section 4, Letter A, the third word, beginning with the phrase " You would have thought we were drawing up the Articles of Confederation. A roofing materials manufacturing corporation located on Givens Road next to the refinery.

The first plant manager was Bill Gay, first superintendent Norman Dixon, and first HR Jack Norvell.

The plant went to two ten hour shifts in May of 1973 and by the fall to three.

King and Abernathy only wanting to be treated as everyone else.

George Wallace and his ranting compared to the eloquent Martin was no contest.

The church was first organized by Richard Allen on West Ninth Street on the property of Lloyd Cooper after a conflict with the all white Methodist Church erupted.

The Church moved to Third and Mill Street in 1890 and dedicated in 1891. were 28 members in 1980, but now stands in disrepair.

Picketers at the mill say ADM is bringing in workers from other mills to keep the plant in operation.

Workers were offered a 7.2% increase over three years, but it was rejected.

I attended a funeral here when I was in Little League for a black teammate who drowned that summer.

It left an impression on me and later during the Civil Rights Movement especially in the south I became more and more aware of bigotry and racism.

Vernon resident who has played a lot of ball, written about others playing a lot of ball and loves to wax eloquently about Mt. We are fortunate to have access to many of his short stories and observations to show here.

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    This past April was only slightly warmer than the third warmest April, which occurred in 2010 and was 0.87 degrees warmer than the mean U. farmers are putting aside politics and arming themselves for volatile weather that they expect will be the new normal.

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    Especially this time of year, we are geared toward crafting and creating.