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It establishes a burrow close to the water's edge in river, lake, swamp, coastal shoreline, tidal flat, or estuary ecosystems.

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River otters are active year-round, and are most active at night and during crepuscular hours.

The smell and hearing abilities of the river otter are acute.

The otter has a delicate sense of touch in the paws in addition to great dexterity.

A short, broad rostrum for exhaling and a long, broad cranium define the relatively flat skull.) in the midback section.

The pelage has a high luster and varies from light brown to black.

Fish is a favored food among the otters, but they also consume various amphibians (such as salamanders and frogs Instances of river otters eating small mammals, such as mice and squirrels, and occasionally birds have been reported as well.

The range of the North American river otter has been significantly reduced by habitat loss, beginning with the European colonization of North America.In addition, the length of the trachea of the river otter is intermediate between that of terrestrial carnivores and marine mammals.The mean tracheal length of the river otter is 15.3 cm (6.0 in), or 23.2% of the body length.A number of reintroduction projects have been initiated to help stabilize the reduction in the overall population.Molecular biological techniques have been used to determine when the river otter and the giant otter (Pteronura brasiliensis) of South America diverged.In some regions, though, their population is controlled to allow the trapping and harvesting of otters for their pelts.

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