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The October 2017 date was set after the appeals panel ruled that DNA testing would not have changed the outcome of his trial.

TDCJ's list of Scheduled Executions Past Executions and Programs Check the NEW News!He forgave his son and has since lobbied prosecutors relentlessly to spare his sons life.Thomas Whitaker had undiagnosed mental-health issues at the time of the attack, he said, and has proved to be a model prisoner on death row.While in prison, earned a bachelors degree by mail and was due to receive a masters shortly after the Feb. Condemned in the 2005 slaying of a woman in Lubbock.Before sentencing, Rodriguezs mother and sister pleaded with the jury to spare his life. His attorneys objected to the trial judges instructions to the jury and argued that Davila did not intentionally kill the victims.The courts denied his request for a hearing to challenge findings that he purposely did poorly on IQ tests as part of his appeal strategy, scoring in the low 60s. 30, 2017, was stayed by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals about a week to spare.

The panel said it wanted more time to review the assertion by Long's attorneys that he is too intellectually impaired to be eligible for execution.

They described a childhood filled with physical and emotional abuse at the hands of his father. Rescheduled for execution after a judge ruled him mentally competent to be executed in the shootings deaths of his two daughters in 2001.

Rodriguez has alleged that his defense attorneys were inadequate at trial. Ordered put to death after being convicted in the 2008 slayings in Fort Worth of a girl and her grandmother who were shot when he opened fire at a rival gang member whose home was the scene of a childrens birthday party. Psychologists testified that Battaglia is suffering from mental illness, including the delusion that he did not kill the girls.

Swearingen, who was scheduled to be executed in November 2017, also received a stay. Convicted of killing a Montgomery College coed in 1998 and dumping her body in the Sam Houston National Forest. After years of appellate fights over post-conviction DNA testing, Swearingen filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the state in October 2016 claiming he should be entitled to the DNA testing.

One of four people convicted in the 2003 fatal mugging of a man. Swearingen sought testing on the victim's sexual assault collection kit; hairs recovered from her body, the gloves used to move her body and a hairbrush found on the ground near her body, among other evidence Swearingen's appellate attorneys believe contain biological evidence that has not been tested.

Storey is African-American; his victim was Caucasian.