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Hence the author of this History has consulted many rec- ords, and has been the recipient of much help from many sources. earnest thanks are also due to the various county officials, super- intendents of schools, township clerks, officials of the lodges, and benevolent orders, the Grand Army of the Republic, the post masters, editors of newspapers, Kraemer's "Lancaster" (1901), and to the old historians Henry Howe,^ Hervev Scott A. Clair's Defeat— Fort Defiance— Battle of the Fallen Timber— General Wayne's Great I'ictorv—Siege of Ft. vi CONTENTS CHAPTER III Indian Occupation 48 The Life Story of Simon Kenton — Simon Girty, the Renegade — Gen. Clair's Defeat — Teciimseh, the Most Gifted American Indian — Tecumseh's Death — Tecmnseh's High Ideals of Justice — Capt. In the forests of Ohio Kenton had confronted Indians, bears, wolves and panthers. His grandfather originally owned the land on which Urbana is built, and for many years the elder Ward and Kenton were intimate friends. It despises the man who turns against his own flesh and blood, and stands ready to slay the mother who gave him birth. •-^.- ^^ -^^ °'^^* /\ ^,- ^^^ -^ /.• „'°-\-Ati«^:.- /°-^ v^jf; ,»"•% -.! No historian can write history unaided and alone, he must depend upon those who have made the records, or upon those who were a part of the events nar- rated He must consult the living and the dead— must weigh m the balance, impartially, the statements from whatever source, accepting or rejectmg as the evidence warrants. Drinkle, the editor is greatly indebted for direct assistance, as well as for encouragement and advice The editor'? CHAPTER n The Famous Hocking Valley 3^ Great Valleys of the World— Valley of the Hocking— Its Great Fertil- ity— Dunmore's War— The Famous Logan Elm— First Attempt at Settle- ment in Ohio— General Harmar Sent Against the Miamas—St. Stephensotir—End of the War of i8i2—Early Struggle for Possession— Wild Game an Alluring Prize— The Economic Work of the Beaver— The Ohio Company— France Attempts to Take Possession of the Ohio Valley— The French and Indian War— The Fertility, Wealth and Substantial Citizenship of the Great Hocking J 'alley. "Monument — This is a substantial struct- ure, seven or eight feet high and over four feet square at the base ; and in every way is a most befitting memorial of the dead. Ward, the celebrated sculptor, now of New York, but a native of Urbana.

An earnest attempt has been made to record the facts, and to render due appreciation unto the humblest actor in the drama of this life-story. He gave his instructions for the day each morning, before he started out for the bunt.

CONTENTS vii CHAPTER VII Economic Forces 203 ^ Geological History of the County — The Three Geologic Periods — Geologic Formations — The Streams and Drainage — The Soil — Botany of Fairfield County — Oil and Gas Fields. of Amanda — The First National Bank of Balti- more — The Bank of Basil— The Millersport Bank Co.— The First Na- tional Bank of Bremen — The Bremen Bank Co.— The Farmers and Mer- chants Bank of Carroll — The Pickerington Bank — The Pleasantville Bank — The Rushville Banking Co.— The Bank of Sugar Grove— Bank "Notes." CHAPTER XI Bench and Bar 285 -V The Majesty of the Law—Iustice Gray — Wendell Phillips and Rufus Choate — Lawyers of "Ye Olden Times," Their Fun and Their Work — The Giants of the Lancaster Bar— None Greater— Sketches of Laivyers and Judges — A Long List of Highly Educated and Brilliant Men, Past and Present — Fairfield County Juvenile Court. Doubtless in many parts of this county of Fairfield Girty tracked to death his white victims, or danced with his 54 HISTORY OF FAIRFIELD COUNTY dusky companions around the helpless victim at the burning stake.

She has rendered important service in the preparation of the chapter on the "Bench and Bar, for her knowl- edge of many facts there narrated came to her first hand from her distinguished father, Judge John Scofield Brasee. CHAPTER V Lancaster — The County Seat } 102 The Beginning of Things — History of Location, Name, and Sale of Lots by Ebenezer Zane — First Born — First Schools and Teachers — Mail Routes, Post Office and Postmasters — Commercial Lancaster — Board of Trade — Members of Public Boards — Water Works — Fire Department — The Famous Lancaster Bar — A Historic Structure — Pictures on Mem- ory's Walls — Remarks on Hocking H. CHAPTER VI Townships and Towns 126 History of Each Township — Schools — Teachers — Churches — Noted Incidents and Events — Local Industries — Historical and Descriptive Sketches of the Various Towns and Villages. CHAPTER X Banks and Banking ^jy The Bank in History — The Fairfield National Bank of Lancaster — The Lancaster National Bank — The Farmers and Citizens Bank of Lancaster — Tlic Hocking Valley National Bank of Lancaster — The Farmers and Merchants Bank Co. His bloody work was done in Ohio, and especially in southwestern Ohio.

"Religion, morality and knowledge being necessary to good government and the happiness of man- kind, schools and the means of education shall forever be encouraged." The sixteenth section of every township of 36 sections was set aside for maintenance of common schools in each of these five States.

From this can be traced the liberty- loving sentiment ever afterward found in the people of the Northwest. The great document resounded throughout the wilderness, as with a Titan's voice, the cause of religion and education.

"There shall be neither slavery nor involuntary servitude in said territory, other- wise than in the punishment of crimes whereof the party shall have been duly con- victed." No such expression had yet been seen in any document ; and this is all the more wonderful and noble, when we recall the fact tiiat, at that time, all the original states had slaves.

CHAPTER XX Conclusion 439 Representative Citizens 443 INDEX Acton, Frank M 773 Adams, David 815 Aldenderf er, Samuel 663 AJford, W. W 296 Alspaeh, Henry E 534 Alspaugh, Irvin E 771 Alt, Dr. W 766 Aneshensley, Henry F 686 "Appleseed," Johnny 93 Armstrong, Judson 646 Armstrong, Wilber E 653 Arnold, Absalom J 565 Ashbaugh, John J 741 Ashton, Dr. But the great Ordinance did more than to provide for the admission of states — it had strong provisions in regard to slavery and ed- ucation. C 363 Bright, Levi 595 Brooke, Jesse 451 Brown, Dr. The citizenship of this section is among the most enlightened and progressive, Ohio alone having furnished seven Presidents of the United States, one Vice-President, three Presidents of the Senate, one Speaker of the House, two Chief Justices, five Associate Judges and 22 Cabinet Officers. Henry J 434 Bope, James W 296 Bope, William W 495 Borland, Charles 292 Bosch, Fred G 567 Boyer, Irvin 510 Bradford, Harry 296 Brandt, C. Joseph 62 Brasee, Charles Dickinson 794 Brasee, John S 443 Brasee, John Traflford 783 Brasee, John Trafford, Jr 793 Brasee, Morton E 291 Brashares, W. Here are the longest rivers — and upon their banks sit in pride and majesty, the noble cities from whose factories and mills come the clothing and food that help to feed and to protect the hungry millions of earth. John Sher- man — John Trafford Brasee — John Scofield Brasee — Hon. In 1905 the entire United States expended 7,000,000 for ele- mentary and secondary schools alone. Manasseh Cutler led a band of 48 intrepid pioneers into the wilderness, and they forme^. Thus was the fund for education in Fairfield County begun, and it has been generously in- creased by liberal donation^ from the State and from private funds. It is the oldest univer- sity west of the Allegheny Mountains. AND REPRESENTATIVE CITIZENS 101 1838, Samuel Spangler.