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The comedian Alvy Singer is trying to understand why his relationship with Annie Hall ended a year ago.

Annie sings "Seems Like Old Times" and the credits roll.They eventually break up, and he searches for the truth of relationships, asking strangers on the street about the nature of love, questioning his formative years, and imagining a cartoon version of himself arguing with a cartoon Annie portrayed as the Evil Queen in Snow White.Alvy returns to dating, but the effort is marred by neurosis, bad sex, and finally an interruption from Annie, who insists he come over immediately. A reconciliation follows, coupled with a vow to stay together come what may.However, on the return trip, they agree that their relationship is not working.After losing her to her record producer, Tony Lacey, he unsuccessfully tries rekindling the flame with a marriage proposal.One was a relationship with a young woman, another was a concern with the banality of the life that we all live, and a third an obsession with proving himself and testing himself to find out what kind of character he had.

He recognized that for the first time he had the courage to abandon the safety of complete broad comedy and had the will to produce a film of deeper meaning which would be a nourishing experience for the audience.

The idea for what would become Annie Hall was developed as Allen walked around New York City with co-writer Marshall Brickman.

The pair discussed the project on alternate days, sometimes becoming frustrated and rejecting the idea.

However, their separate discussions with their therapists make it evident there is an unspoken divide.

When Alvy accepts an offer to present an award on television, they fly out to Los Angeles, with Alvy's friend, Rob.

Truman Capote has a cameo as the Winner of the Truman Capote look-alike contest.

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