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So, by setting a specific temperature to your bedroom, you can actually facilitate a better sleep.The ideal room temps for sleeping are 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the National Sleep Foundation.

When it's still dark out and you're cozy under your covers, it's nearly impossible to jump right out of bed in the morning without having to hit the snooze button a bunch of times or scroll through social media before deciding it's time to get up.You will find that once you are out of bed, the temptation to get back in and go to sleep again isn't quite so hard to refuse.Seeing the sun peek through your windows in the morning can be frustrating and annoying, but it's a simple way to alert you that it's time to get up.When you wake up, drink water to help your body get hydrated, plus it helps kick your body's metabolism into gear.The fresh water will also help to wake you up and make you feel much fresher after a long night with no water.Before going to bed, open up your blinds so that by the time you wake up in the morning, the sunrise is bursting through your windows.

Another option is looking into buying an alarm clock that gives off light when it's time to wake up; often these devices will mimic the sunlight, gradually getting brighter as you get closer to you alarm time.

Falling asleep more quickly, without tossing and turning, will in turn help you to wake up more eaily the following morning, without a feeling of grogginess.

There is nothing worse than the loud dreaded sound of an alarm going off.

In the winter, these are also a great option for people who have to wake up before the sun has risen.

When it's time for bed, your body temperature decreases in order to initiate sleep.

Many people do the most thinking while they're tossing and turning in bed, whether it's working out a problem that they have been struggling with all day, or making plans for the next morning.

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