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“When angry, some people may turn to texting to avoid saying something,” Saltz says.“It’s a way of creating distance.” While it doesn’t hurt to send a flirty or loving message, it does pay off to be more direct with your partner when something is really eating at you.

“Endorphins from exercise give you an adrenaline rush that boosts arousal,” Orbuch says.“Every time you do it, you’re sending a positive message to your significant other.” Ask a new question As a couple, you probably spend most of your time chatting about work, your kids or your friends. And now at this stage of the game, I love him even more.When’s the last time you stopped to ask something new about each other? I can’t even imagine life without him."" class="lazy Owl owl-lazy" data-action="gallery-slide-image"John and Sherma Campbell Star Valley, Wyoming Married on May 13, 1955. Yes, even now I’m still young." Mary,"Jake said to me,' Would it ever be possible for me to marry you?Go to bed at the same time Feel like you never have a free moment together? “Bedtime might be the only opportunity you’re alone together all day,” says Barton Goldsmith, Ph. Even if you’re a night owl, you can always stay in bed until your partner drifts off.You should also make sure you’re both getting a healthy amount of shut-eye.If you’re feeling so-so about your bedroom romps, it might be time for a change.

One idea: try having sex in a room or area you’ve never done it in.Give your partner a hug Nonsexual touching like hugging or handholding is just as important as sex itself in keeping your relationship healthy.“Touching is probably the most definitive way to let other people know you’re in a relationship,'” Goldsmith says.“New elements of play stimulate the dopamine system,” Saltz says.“When you do something that causes you to release more dopamine, it’s a positive reinforcer.” Want to suggest a tryst in the kitchen?In the long run, the more you touch your mate, the more you’ll feel comfortable with each other.