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Or take him out like Joffrey died if you don't mind the consequences.We charge money because it costs us ,400 per month for bandwidth bills alone, and since we don't believe in shoving popup ads to our registered users, we try to make the money back through forum registrations. Game of Thrones is done and dusted for another year.The shortened season seven is in the bag, but we were left with a meaty serving to keep us busy in the offseason.So join your Westerosi correspondents Pete Marsh and Dan Miller for one final push into endless winter. **SPOILER WARNING**These recaps are dark and full of spoilers, so only continue reading if you've caught up on the latest episode of the show.PETE: But of all the reunions we've had this season Dan.... And spare a thought for Jon in his winter garb (he hasn't been to the south since he was a baby).

WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE CLEGANEBOWL THAT DIDN'T PAY OFF?! DAN: I know Pete, but The Hound did hint we'd get it eventually! The title bouts will be Jon v Night King, Dany v Cersei, Hound v Mountain. It was lovely to see everyone actually give proper thought to the serious threat the undead were, including Cersei, who was much more amazed at the wight than the dragon.

It was absolutely chock full of awesome interactions between characters, some not-so-surprising reveals (if you've been reading along with us all season) and some really nice work behind the camera to frame it all from director Jeremy Podeswa.

I thought last week's banter beyond the Wall was good, but I think this second serving outside the Dragon Pit was better.

It went a long way to convincing me that she was falling for our King in the North. The master manipulator, schemer and backstabber finally ran out of ladder to climb. I wasn't super in love with the set-up (if Bran knows everything, why were Sansa and Arya fighting at all?

Unfortunately though, we had to head to Winterfell at some point, where we quickly learned that it's not easy for ravens to fly in these storms. Why wasn't Littlefinger offed straight away as soon as Bran turned up to spill the beans?

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