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Another high profile case involving a forged CV was that of Canadian John Davy who was appointed head of Maori TV after claiming he held a master of business administration degree.His case was taken much more seriously by the Courts; he was only in the job for three months but was sent to prison and then deported.

KPMG Fraud Barometer – June 2011: – key insights “These figures show that there has been no let up in large frauds continuing to occur and brought before the New Zealand courts.

Noone was running a private consultancy business, Preside Consulting, while working for Auckland Transport.

Auckland Council member Wayne Walker said serious questions around contracts to large contractors had been raised.

“The tendering process is increasingly shutting out the small and medium-size players,” he said…” Link Many of New Zealand’s largest businesses listed on the NZX50 don’t pass some fundamental best practice ethics tests and fraud is rife in smaller businesses.

Even, government departments are not immune as you can see from the data below, neither are universities free from “financial irregularities” About half of New Zealand firms have experienced fraud a survey has found.

We assume this has something to do with the Christchurch earthquakes and rebuild If fraud and corruption in New Zealand is of interest to you perhaps you should take some time to read the Wikipedia page on this topic, the following is taken from it “…the extent of corrupt practice in New Zealand is not entirely clear – even in the public sector.

One especially blurred case involves the Corrections Department.In 2010 the Dominion Post reported that the Department failed to disclose to Parliament a huge contract it gave to one company by claiming that the company provides services and maintenance but “the contract is not to a contractor”.That company was Honeywell – a multinational technology and security firm which Corrections used to install cell phone blocking technology.Originally budgeted at million, the cost of the service blew out to million.Several former Honeywell employees work for Corrections, manage Corrections’ contract with Honeywell and even approve payments to Honeywell.The dispute is about whether South Link Health had permission from the DHB to spend .3 million in public funds saved on general practitioner contracts.

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