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Samoan dating - things to do on your one year dating anniversary

=] If I haven’t seen you yet, my cell phone has been re-activated and I’m home until the 16 Much like any other holiday in Samoa, Father’s day was another dose of gospel songs & time in the pews.I get the sense that this is preeeeetty much how all holidays go down in hamoland. I donned my pretty white puletasi and my big floppy white hat, and went to out support my host father like a good lil’ pālagi daughter should!

I know that I can call each and every one of those inspiring individuals any day of the week with anything- personal, professional, big or small… =] THANK YOU to group #84 (& the lone member of #83 still amongst our ranks) for a year of amazing memories. At the end of October we also said goodbye to Lou, a fellow PCV who had decided to “Early Terminate” (ET) and leave Samoa before the end of our 2-year contract.I don’t know the details of her decision, but I do hope that she has found happiness in returning to the USA and wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors.of October, but it wasn’t until nearly Thanksgiving that I was able to meet them myself.I’ve never had a bad time- but this night was one that still stands out. it was a LOT of fun and sleeping on her pull-out sofa was like a mini-holiday from my Peace Corps reality. that went away when I realized someone TOOK MY SHOES (damnit, communal society! Those soles are an incredibly dreamy breed of trouble! I learned SO much about myself and about my host country by forming such a strong connection with someone I could relate both professionally and personally. ) did I learn some greater-life-lessons from this cutie ;] Anyway… The people in my community usually know EXACTLY where I go and who I spend my time with every damned day I spend in Samoa. I know Samoa will always take care of me because I’m never far away from someone who knows me. My image is incredibly important to the greater success I find as a volunteer… I mentioned that Samoa has a healthy gossip network… I’m writing this blog long-hand in my classroom, which currently stands vacant because we’re having school-wide exams and I’m not able to pull my reading groups from their regularly scheduled classes.Lol) but this guy was a little more than I ever anticipated. but it was to be such a temporary part of my life and… I had a million reasons for getting on that plane last year… Still, I’ve gotta say that going through what I did was probably one of the greatest learning experiences of my life to date. I relished the opportunity to connect with this man’s family- to form a bond as an individual rather than just as a volunteer. Turns out it boys in paradise can still break your heart and harness the same malevolence and deceit as those back home. making this more relevant to my PC Experience means explaining that with that huge surge of emotion, also came a LOT of professional complications. “They” say that working as a Peace Corps Volunteer means living in a figurative fishbowl. and the shenanigans I went through with this particular charmer (paired with Samoa’s vivacious gossip network) certainly complicated my ability to operate from a rumor-less, neutral workplace. I am IMMEASURABLY more aware of the need to keep up positive “PR” than ever before and should I decide to venture this route again before the conclusion of my service… and that means that most PCVs don’t really get away with much. 2 weeks of this on the schedule, and then 1 more that I presume will be nonsense (the 1st and last week of each term are preserved for cleaning, special programs and misc.Interestingly, Samoans celebrate Father’s Day on the 11 of August, rather than in June like we do in the USA.

Since Mother’s Day is still on the same day in May… In true Samoan fashion, we had LOTS of food (choohoo! and watched all the daddies from the village get up in front of the congregation and dance around to celebrate the important role they play to their beloveds each and everyday. =] Sometimes it feels like my days as a volunteer are CRAWLING by, but when I look back and begin to think about just how long it’s been since I first touched down in paradise it’s amazing how fast the time has flown. ) celebrated our 1-year anniversary in the islands at Vaimoana Beach Resort in Asau.Unlike my other long term-ish experiences living abroad (¡Ya sabés que te extraño, Bs As!), spending such a LONG spanse of time in another country means rebuilding a life there instead of just living on extended-holiday.I have may have found something like a beloved, dysfunctional family in the 12 other volunteers with whom I’ve shared the last year…but like any family- it’s important to have FRIENDS too!Of course, dating was something I was curious about before I even left for the PC… For the sake of my own emotional well-being and the general nature of this being a public blog here’s what I’ve got to say: ( ) Falling in love while serving in the Peace Corps was a complete accident and an ADVENTURE. That expansive family still comprises some of the relationships I revere most deeply in-country, and for that there is no comparison. The locals AND the office are very aware of most everything we do… I think I get lost in the day-to-day now that I’ve found my routine and I forget to share the little things (outside of Facebook, that is). here’s an update on just about EVERYTHING I can think of right now. non-teaching shenannigans) which means I’ve very nearly finished my 2nd term as a teacher. Flying, but I know I’ve still got a LONG road ahead.

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    Our trained peer advocates are available 24/7/365 to offer education, support and advocacy to teens and young adults, as well as their concerned friends and family members, who have questions or concerns about their dating relationships.