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Solving that problem has become a big business for Burner.Over the last year the startup has been among the top grossing apps in the utility category for for both Android and i OS, bringing in a solid six figures in monthly revenue and millions on an annual basis.

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When Grand Central and Google Voice were formed, most people had a cell phone, work phone, and landline at home.

The company has a stockpile of unused numbers, which they can assign and activate to users on demand.

Calls are routed through their servers and connect with the telephone network thanks to APIs from companies like and Twilio.

Early version of Burner were built around making each new number an in-depth experience separate from all other numbers.

"What we realized was that people want multiple numbers, multiple ways to manage identity and privacy, but that they want to do it through a single, unified inbox," says Cohn.

"But with phones most people are still stuck with this monolithic number they need to use for work, family, and recreation.

It doesn’t make any sense." Jeffrey, a teacher and self-professed gadget head, always looks for high tech solutions to his problems.They jokingly called it the Burner feature, an homage to the throwaway phones made famous by drug dealers on HBO’s The Wire.But they quickly realized that this feature was far and away the most popular part of their service, so they focused on that."We did a ton of testing before launching Google Voice, and what we found is that most people don’t want the hassle of handling multiple numbers," says Grand Central founder Craig Walker."Imagine you create one number for your online dating and another for your students."Then I came across Burner." "It worked really well," says Jeffrey.

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