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This is a very effective film at giving those of us who will never know this kind of hard life someinsight into what so many other human beings around us go through.

How the cinematographer captures the voice of the urban murals in San Francisco and the rural and colonial landscape in Salvatierra is just part of what makes the film so attractive to me.

Carmelo's is an amazing story that chronicles his life in San Francisco as an immigrant trying to provide for his family in Mexico.

As a Mariachi performer, he and his musical partner sing beautiful Spanish love songs at restaurants for tips and Carmelo also has another job working at a car wash.

Well, as it turned out, this was not simply because “Mystery Date” was released right in that murky middle ground where the previous decade is still going on in the new one, but because in Mr.

Hawke’s youthful face, conspicuously minus a goatee and absent any sense of brooding, the last vestiges of 1980s teen movies can be found.

As a film student and independent filmmaker sometimes I wonder whether it's really worth it (after considering the financial risks, how limited the opportunities are, all the thankless parts involved in the process, etc...) Romantico's poster caught my eye at the Landmark Century Theater in Chicago and I knew that film was there to teach me A LOT OF LESSONS. Partly because this film showed me that filmmaking pays off if you end up doing something so powerful.

I ordered it even before it had been released on DVD. In other words: Romantico exceeded my expectations.

The real thief is actually Tom’s big brother Craig, who is played by Brian Mc Namara as if he were a kind of preppy Tom Kazansky.

He turns up announced, quickly cajoles his little brother into asking out Geena by phone and goes about making over Tom in his own image, dressing him in nifty clothing, even getting him glasses.

After watching the emotional documentary, I bought the DVD for my Mom and she also shared my love of the DVD.

The documentary is fantastic with great story telling, loving characters that you really root for and an amazing musical score.

If this would seem to suggest a problematic case of Big Brother Envy, “Mystery Date” is not the kind of movie determined to even vaguely explore such angles.

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    The technical term defining these prejudiced and ignorant paradigms is laukika sraddha or “popular belief”, devoid of factual value because it is opposed to shastra pramana, or authoritative scriptural foundation.

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