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And since the fivesome is locked into two more seasons with FX, fans can expect the cast to continue to tackle the big issues—in increasingly perverse ways (Remember “The Gang Solves the North Korea Situation”? CD: “I have fairly long commutes to work, so I listen to NPR a lot.” GH: “That’s where I get all my ideas from, too.” CD: “I listen to what everybody’s talking about on NPR and say, ‘Alright guys, people won’t shut up about North Korea.'” GH: “Our characters take sides, whatever the issue is.

In 2017, she began playing the lead role of Mackenzie "Mickey" Molng on the Fox comedy series The Mick.They know I’m great, and they know once I realize it, I’ll leave them and go do something else.” CD: “I was listening to an interview with a director who was talking about how people want to see men be funny and act childish, and they don’t want to see women do that.But Sweet Dee is as selfish and childish as any other character on the show, and the audience loves her for it.” KO: “When they wanted to hire me, Rob and I had a conversation on the phone, and I was like, ‘I like this project, but I don’t want to be .My manager actually asked [after my audition], ‘Were any of them cute? Not really.’ But I do take it all back now.” RM: “She was flustered in the audition.She wasn’t that great the first time.” KO: “This is how they keep me down.So when Rob came to us and said he had an idea for a TV show, we were on board.

Rob is the most driven man we knew, so we were just hanging onto someone who had some motivation.” RM: “I had the motivation. So we started leeching off each others’ energy.” CD: “It was the perfect storm.” Kaitlin Olson: “I didn’t know [any of them].I knew that nobody else would think that was funny except Glenn and Charlie.So I wrote a script and showed it to them.” Danny De Vito: “That so has kept with the theme of the show: They’re selfish bastards.Everybody ends up being wrong.” CD: “I don’t think our show offends people.I’ve never had anyone tell me they were offended.” DD: “No one in Dick Cheney’s family is watching our show.” RM: “His daughter, maybe.I don’t want to be the boring straight person.’ And he promised me that wasn’t his intention.